Our Rail-Bikes

Rail-Bikes are pedal powered vehicles that are designed to roll on railroad tracks.  Our custom made Rail-Bikes are light weight and easy to pedal.  This is a great activity for families, groups of friends or even a couple on a date.

These Rail-Bikes have been built with your safety in mind as they include comfortable seats with seatbelts and handle bars to rest your hands on.  There are also redundant disc brakes for additional safety.

We have two models to choose from.  Should your family or group be larger than 4 people who want to ride together, we can link a couple of bikes together for your tour.


Two Seat Rail-Bike  -- $84

Seats two people, these are perfect for couples or just a couple of friends who want to ride together.


Four Seat Rail-Bike  -- $144

Seats four people, these are great for families or larger groups of friends. 


Single Seat on the guide Rail-Bike  -- $40

For those of you only needing a single seat, we do have one single seat available on each of the tour guide Rail-Bikes.  Our tour guides would enjoy your company as they pedal alone most of the time.

Note:  We do have a weight limit of 300 lbs. per rider.