About Us

Our Story


Scenic RailRiders is a family owned company which opened in July of 2019 after two years of investigation and planning.

Our family did everything from designing and building our custom made Rail-Bikes from scratch; to clearing and setting up the site; to building our own Rail-Bike storage system.

We were lucky enough to find a beautiful stretch of abandoned railroad tracks in Concord, NH, where the tracks hadn't been taken up to form a rail-trail.  We are excited to be one of only a few companies offering Rail-Bike tours in the New England area.

Our Goal

 Our goal is to provide the public with a safe, enjoyable, unique tourist activity. Our Rail-Bike tours offer a pleasant outdoor experience as you pedal along, enjoying the scenery and tranquil river views. The trip takes you through woods, farm lands, and over a couple bridges, all along the Merrimack River.  We are also happy to pass on some historical facts about the area.

It is our hope that after taking a Rail-Bike tour with us, people will visit the local area restaurants and stores. You are also welcome to head down the road to Sewalls Falls Recreational Area and do some exploring and hike the trails available there. 

About the Tour

Come join us for a Rail-Bike tour on the last remaining section of the Northern Railroad track built in 1846. Our tour covers from just south of 2nd Street in Concord NH to Commercial Street in Boscawen NH.  Truly a unique opportunity to pedal our custom made four wheel Rail-Bikes on the railroad tracks.  The route will take you through some woods, farm lands and along the Merrimack River.  As you travel along these tracks you can enjoy the scenery, tranquil river views and fresh air while getting in a little exercise.  The trip includes a 2.4 mile round trip southern leg and a 4 mile round trip northern leg.  We have two turn-around points where you get to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery along the Merrimack River.  You also get a chance to visit the Hannah Dustin Memorial Statue as a destination on our tour.

Come enjoy a scenic railroad ride by railbiking on the train tracks.  You get to enjoy an outside recreational activity which allows you to ride the rails by pedaling a rail bike.  Truly a different form of bicycling a rail trail.