Covid-19 Information

Safety of our employees and customers

Please note that Scenic RailRiders will be following the guidelines suggested by the CDC and the State of New Hampshire for the protection of our employees and our customers.  We ask that everyone please help us in protecting everyone's health and safety.

 IMPORTANT COVID-19 Questions for your reading on your tour day:
1) Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
2) Are you experiencing any respiratory symptoms, including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath?
3) Have you had a fever or felt feverish in the last 72 hours?
4) Are you experiencing any new muscle aches or chills?
5) Have you had any new changes in your sense of taste or smell?
6) If you answered yes to any of these questions, please do not put our employees and other guests at risk and come back another day when you feel better. Your reservation will be happily rescheduled. 

Procedures we are implementing

We will be operating as closely as possible to the State of NH  Guidance Documents.

We will be taking every employees temperature prior to their shift starting as well as asking the COVID-19 questions.

All employees have been trained in cleaning/sanitizing and have been provided the materials to do so. 

There will be a hand sanitizer and wash sink station for our employees and our guests to use.

We will be cleaning/sanitizing our Rail-Bikes between every tour.

We will be sanitizing other touch surfaces every two hours, including picnic tables and bench.

We will be sanitizing our wood picnic tables and bench at the end of each day with a bleach solution.

Our employees will do their best to keep socially distance when possible.

Our employees will wear masks when they can't be socially distanced.

Linking of bikes will only be permitted for those guest who live together or arrived in the same car.

What we expect from our guests and employees

a) Remain home if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. 

b) Keep a safe distance of at least 6 feet from other people at all times. 

c) Practice frequent hand hygiene/washing. 

d.) We urge all our guests to wear face masks covering over mouth and nose to protect others particularly during the seating's and send offs. You can remove them once distanced during pedaling.  

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.