Terms, Conditions & Policies

Terms & Conditions for your tour

  •  Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for your tour.  If you miss the start of the tour because you are late, you will not be able to ride and no refunds are given for missing your start time.
  • All participants will be required to sign the accident waiver and release of liability form prior to their Rail_Bike tour.  Parents are responsible for their children during the entire time they are at Scenic RailRiders.
  • The person who books the tour is responsible for making sure all of their guests are aware of the terms & conditions and follow them.
  •  For your own safety we ask that you follow the instructions of your tour guides.
  • Please keep a safe distance between you and the Rail-Bike in front of you and also allow additional room for stopping.  You and the riders on your Rail-Bike are   responsible for any injury you cause to others by not following the rules.
  • Please refrain from using any smoking products during the tour as the riders behind would appreciate it.
  • All riders must keep their seat belts fastened at all times when on the Rail-Bikes.
  • Please do not get off your Rail-Bike at any time during the tour as there will be other Rail-Bikes coming up behind you.
  • We require that someone at least 16 years old occupy the seat with the brakes.
  • Please help keep the environment clean and refrain from littering along the ride, trash barrels are available at the base of operations.
  • If you have any medical problems during the tour, it will be up to the other riders to get you to a point on the tour where medical help can reach you if needed.  There are several points along the tour where medical help can reach you by calling 911.  Our tour guides do carry First Aid kits on their Rail-Bikes for minor injuries.
  • Please abide with our COVID-19 requirements on our COVID-19 webpage.


 It is your responsibility to inform us at the time of booking if any special arrangements or treatment is needed for anyone in your group. 

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking anytime up to 48 hours prior to your tour departure for a full refund.  Tours cancelled for ANY REASON within 48 hours of departure are NOT REFUNDABLE.  You must call in person to cancel your reservation.

If it rains: 

We will still run our tours in the rain.  Decisions to cancel a tour due to dangerous conditions will be made by our tour guides as soon as possible and notifications will be sent to your contact information given at time of booking.  Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly and it is possible to have a tour canceled even if you have already arrived.  If we have to cancel a tour due to dangerous weather, a full refund will be given and you can re-book for another time.

If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol:

We have the right to refuse your tour booking if our staff thinks you are under the influence of drugs or are intoxicated.  No refunds will be given if you show up in this condition.

Re-booking Fees:

Rescheduling is permitted up to 48 hours prior to departure with no fee.  Rescheduling up to 24 hours of departure will require a 20% re-booking fee.  Rescheduling within 24 hours prior to departure is not allowed.  All rescheduling must be done via phone. Tours can only be rescheduled for use during the same operating season only!


Missed tour start time:
No refunds are given for riders who arrive late and miss their tour start, or who cancel / don't show up on their reservation day.  

Courtesy Policy

Since we only have a limited amount of Rail-Bikes available for each tour, we don't permit multiple reservations by the same person within a 4 week period in order to hold multiple spots.  We will cancel all duplicate bookings while keeping only the earliest booking.

Privacy Policy for electronic data collected

We do not store or have access to your credit card data.  We only have access to the contact information you provide us.  We will use this information for contacting you about your booking.  We may also use your email to contact you about future specials unless you have asked us not to contact you.  We will not sell or provide any of your information to anyone.

We use Zaui Software for our tour booking software.

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