FaceBook reviews for our opening year. There are also reviews on Google and Trip Advisor.

Hailey Tremaine recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 27 at 8:45 PM ·
It was amazing! The views were beautiful and it wasn’t too taxing of a trip! Definitely worth it, just make sure you’re wearing secure clothing. Nearly lost a hat to the wind.
Donna Plante recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 22 at 7:10 PM ·
the owners are the best! friendly helpful and informative. Will definitely do this again!
Selena Alger recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 21 at 6:47 AM ·
Fun scenic unique ride with terrific staff that are friendly, helpful and always had a smile. I enjoyed this and would definitely recommend it! All ages can go.
Jim Burgoyne recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 21 at 4:06 PM ·
Great time had by our group! Such a great use of abandoned rails. This is a family business, father and son team, which has gone to great lengths to make this an enjoyable  experience. Get a little exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery!  Thanks again for a great day! Jim B - Nashua
Jonathan Perez recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 20 at 7:00 PM ·
Very friendly staff. Awesome family owned business. Had a great time with my wife here!
Donna Martel Christopher recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 20 at 3:46 PM ·
It was so much fun and the staff were super friendly
Grace Maggio recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 20 at 11:32 AM ·
We had so much fun! Perfect for a fall date ♥— with John Levesque.
Crystal Marie Cool recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 19 at 11:07 AM ·
Gorgeous views! Amazing staff! One of a kind experience! You’ll love it, I know we did!!
Maryjane Potter Coronis recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 16 at 1:39 PM ·
Absolutely recommend doing this tour! It’s beautiful, fun and plenty of exercise!!
Brittany Leigh Baker recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 13 at 11:44 AM ·
We had a great experience. It was a beautiful ride . We came down from Maine to do it , and it was 100% worth the drive . We will be going next year as well .
Cheryl D'Aoust recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 12 at 8:30 PM ·
Such a fun, different activity! Not strenuous or too long. Owners were gracious and checked in on everyone!
Jane Shattuck recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 12 at 5:04 PM ·
It was a great ride. So beautiful with all the fall colors. No stress. No pressure, no crazy traffic and chaos , well organized. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
Francisco J. Martinez recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 12 at 6:53 PM ·
Rush and book before Fall ends! best NH experience plus Concord cuisine 10 minutes away.
Bridgette Parker recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 8 at 7:47 AM ·
Great experience!! Beautiful views! Light exercise! Good for the whole family, my 10 year old even enjoyed it!
April Mariska recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 5 at 6:34 PM · This was a really fun activity. It wasn't strenuous, just a nice pace. The views were beautiful. The staff were kind and enthusiastic.
Lori Gilpatric recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 6 at 5:06 PM ·
This is such a fun way to enjoy the day, it was very relaxing yet a fun exercise at the same time and the owners are very nice and very welcoming! I plan on going again.
Laurie Wilson recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 6 at 7:29 PM ·
Family friendly! Family run. Unique experience. Highly recommend.
Amanda Morrison recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 6 at 1:04 PM ·
We had such a great time! Hands down one of the most fun adventures and you get a little workout in while you’re at it!
Wanda Marie Case recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 6 at 10:28 PM ·
had a great time with my Boyfriend Douglas
Emily Hebert recommends Scenic RailRiders. October 1 ·
this was really fun, well organized, good scenery, and much quieter than other rail bikes I have used, so you can actually talk to the person you're with.
Kathy DiGeorge recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 29·
So much fun! Easier to bike than I thought and beautiful scenery. I can’t imagine how breathtaking it would be with fall leaves all around. The staff were wonderful and took great care of us.
Jay Bishop recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 29 ·
Great time and the staff are awesome.
Lorraine Landsburg recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 29·
Six of us came to New Hampshire for the Scenic Rail Riders. We had a great time viewing the scenery and getting in some exercise. This family owned business was great. Everyone was wonderful and fun. We would definitely do this again. Make sure you come ready to pedal.
Kimberly Fucile recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 29·
Everyone needs to try this!!
Beth Furey Carlton recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 28·
We had a great time! Beautiful views and very friendly staff! We will definitely be back!!!
Jane Lesinski Toumpas recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 28·
Wonderful ride on the rails !
Melinda Hurle recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 28·
Loved it! Getting off and on kinda hurt the momentum that you get going but worth it.
Carol Dougherty recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 24·
Wonderful adventure to try out. Paul and I had a great time. Friendly owner, and staff.
Matthew M Mead recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 21·
We had a great time on our ride. Views we nice, staff was very friendly.
Allyson Underwood recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 16·
My best friend and I had a great time at scenic railriders! The staff is very professional and family owned! We will be going again! Thanks for a great experience!!
Katherine Forest Roan recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 16·
Took a scenic rail ride several weeks ago with our 6 and 8 yr olds and we all absolutely loved it. The fact that it was outside and not something we have ever done and certainly not ordinary!! They even worked with us as we unfortunately had to reschedule a few times due to our nature of work. Also heard after the fact we have mutual friends so I know they are amazing people
Lori Smith recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 15 ·
I highly recommend the Scenic RailRiders tour!! The staff is amazing and friendly, family owned and operated. The bikes are custom made by the owner. They are very well built, sturdy, safe, easy to use, and fun! Riding on the rails was awesome! The scenery was great! The ride was almost 6.5 miles long. It was great exercise with fresh air and nature all around you. Would also be beautiful once the leaves change color. I would definitely go again. If you’re looking for something fun to do, ride the rails!
Kathleen Doherty Here's some video crossing the trestle bridge from a few weeks back. We had a blast!
Kim Mathison It was Awesome we went Last weekend Sunday the 15th
Sharon Frey It’s a lot of fun! I’ll definitely go back
Lisa Dahill DeBartolomao recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 15·
Especially if you are a railfan, this is amazing. You get to pedal at your own speed on a length of track that takes you through the woods, past a farm, and over the Merrimack River. It feels like you are the engineer in a locomotive, only quieter.
Carla Dionne recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 14 ·
So much fun! Great staff and views
Amanda Nightingale recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 14·
Great experience! We loved it!
Rhonda Rood recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 8 ·
We had a great time! Very well run by a fun family. Go check this out
Missy Marcille recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 7·
It was a great experience. We really enjoyed it.
Andy Pacelli recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 7 ·
Fun way to get out and do something new. Beautiful scenery along the river on the rail trail.
Nate Swain recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 3 ·
We had a great time. Several of these in the Adirondacks and people love it, we’re lucky to finally have one in New Hampshire!
Lyss Lothrop recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 2 ·
super fun not too much work some nice views and super nice staff
Amy Kukta Gleason recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 2·
We went for a tour with the Scenic RailRiders today and had a great time. The only downside was that it rained, but the bikes carry big umbrellas so even that wasn’t too much of a problem. The bikes are super comfortable and easy to pedal (It’s a very gentle workout) and the scenery was beautiful! The tour guides were great too. Even though there were other people on the tour, the bikes are spread out so we often couldn’t even see other people and definitely couldn’t hear them. The whole ride was about 2 hours. Very worthwhile.
Travis Oakes recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 2 ·
Such a fun ride! This will be a great ride when the leaves turn. I’ll be back!
Carl Baker recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 1 ·
Terrific afternoon. Staff were friendly and the trail was delightful to explore.
Lisa Phillips recommends Scenic RailRiders. September 1·
My husband and I went on the RailRiders tour today and had such a great experience! My husband is a die-hard lover of trains and old railways so I thought this was the perfect surprise wedding anniversary gift! He was very surprised and excited! At the end, we were wishing it went on even longer! Such a great time and WILL be back, especially for leaf peeping season! Exercise you don’t even feel you’re doing while taking in gorgeous views. This business idea is ACES! Thank you to the SRs team! You’ll be seeing lots of our friends and family too
Cheryl Nadeau Pearson recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 30·
Great exercise! Fun views. Nice family run business. Hope to do this again.
Shania Jean recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 29·
Went for my boyfriend and I's anniversary and it was a lot of fun. Tour was longer than expected which was awesome since we traveled 3 hours just to try this. Was a great memory for our first anniversary and had great views while peddling! The owner, his son and his sons friend were very friendly and very nice! Would differently do it again!
Laura Brennan recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 26·
This was a great experience! such a great way to check out nature. The customer service is beyond excellent! Go check it out!
Hayley Arsenault Marsh recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 26·
So much fun! Great exercise but not strenuous at all. Such friendly & kind owners & staff. Beautiful views of corn fields, cows, ponds & bridges! 6.4 miles took us 90 minutes with 2 brief stops to turn the rail bikes around. A must do activity in this area!!!
Charlene Daly recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 24·
Neat, unique, thing to do. Fun for the whole family! Staff were great.
Shaun Canavan recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 24·
very friendly staff , nice peaceful scenic ride with a decent workout , recommended to all my friends
Amy Schaeffer recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 24·
Such a fun and unique experience! Can’t wait to do it again for the foliage!
Teah Garcia recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 18 ·
Really friendly, helpful staff & lots of fun!!
Tracy Samperi Baden recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 25·
It was a fun experience. the staff was really nice and made the experience pleasant.
Ken Davis recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 22 ·
Super friendly owners, good exercise and very scenic. We will definetly be back
Amber Wallace recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 19·
It's a neat little ride just past Concord. FB recommended it know we like outdoorsy adventures, and this was right on key! Run by a super nice family! Not hard at all (even for those who dont exercise often)
Kelly Asselin Houle recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 18·
it was so much fun...the staff was fun and helpful. we will definitely be back..maybe for the haunted ride. will definitely recommend to family and friends
Steven Dube recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 18 ·
Looking for a outdoors adventure and stumbled upon scenic rail riders which is a family owned and operated business that treats their guests amazingly. The experience was nothing short of amazing the rail carts are very comfortable and very easy to use. The views were absolutely great and the guides were very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this to anybody that wants to explore the outdoors. Definitely plan on going again and again
Lindsay L recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 18 ·
We had such a great time doing this with my Dad while he visited from NC! We will be back Great outdoor fun with nice people all around!
Robin Ouellet recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 14·
We had a blast!! Everything went perfect!! The only thing we had to do was pedal and the staff took care of everything else...scenery was terrific......We definitely want to go back in the fall. If you are looking for some family fun or just a good time with friends this is worth the time!! It takes a couple hours to do and it didn't hardly hurt at all(kidding)!!!!
Gen Santiago recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 12 ·
Super friendly staff and a really fun experience. Anyone with any fitness level can do this and not everyone has to pedal. The views were pretty. Overall it was a Great family experience.
Jenna Munro recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 12 ·
Super fun/relaxing day! Employees are super friendly!
Zach Germana recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 11 ·
Fantastic fun! A really enjoyable time with great views. Highly recommended
Julie Ann Hodet recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 10·
We had an awesome time! The bikes are easy to peddle and scenic trail is great. The owners and staff are pleasant, knowledgeable and work as a great team to get the bikes turned around and headed off swiftly. We travelled 3 hours to have this experience and were not disappointed. We will surely be back again!
Emma Raftice recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 10 ·
Lots of fun! Highly recommend
Cathy Chaput recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 9 ·
This was an amazing experience
Pammy Decker recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 9 ·
We had a great time riding on the railroad tracks in Concord today. It was a beautiful day, friendly staff, nice and easy ride with scenic views. We even saw a deer in the woods about 20 feet from us! I definitely recommend this, really cool!
David Bellegarde II recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 8·
Had a good time. Nice easy grade.
Joe Moore recommends Scenic RailRiders. August 5 ·
A little short, but that's due to the amount of track they have to work with. Only about an hour. The staff is great and accommodated our lateness, which is much appreciated. We will be back in the fall hopefully.
Brock A Kerr recommends Scenic RailRiders.  August 5 ·
Scenic Railriders is a great experience for anyone that has a fascination with Railroads and or Nature in general. It's extremely easy to pedal these Railcars which is unexpected and they are very well built and made almost entirely out of Aluminum. You get to see some scenic views of the river, go over a train trestle and pass a farm that has a lot of cows. The only advice I'd like to provide to the owners is to provide a little more information on the railroad and the history of the passage, and maybe a little bit more about his business. Otherwise it was a great experience and I would do it again with my son soon. Thank You Scenic Railriders From: #brocksjeeps
Jocelyn Degler recommends Scenic RailRiders. July 27·
This is a fun experience that takes you through corn fields. Across the old causeway and the RR bridge, and along the river.
Jennifer Buzzell Hittle recommends Scenic RailRiders. July 14·
My daughter and I had a wonderful afternoon together here! It was fun and there was nice scenery to enjoy . It was a good opportunity to totally unplug just the two of us, laughing and chatting. The family that owns it wonderful and made it even more enjoyable. We would definitely recommend!
Meggin Dail recommends Scenic RailRiders. July 13·
What a fun family time! And some beautiful views!