Frequently Asked questions

What is a Rail-Bike?  

Rail-Bikes are a custom made four wheel vehicle that contain either two or four seats, pedals and seat-belts for each seat, disc brakes and operate by the riders pedaling.  They roll easily along the railroad tracks and can be operated at a nice leisurely pace with no steering needed. 


Are there guides that go with us on the tour?  

Yes, there is a lead guide and an end guide with every tour.  Guides will also be at the road crossings and are there to turn the Rail-Bikes around and help with any other issues that may arise.


How are the tours done?  

All the Rail-Bikes depart at the same time, with each leaving after the Rail-Bike in front of them reaches the 300 feet marker.  Each of our tours has a guide in the lead Rail-Bike and the last Rail-Bike.  

We depart on the southern leg first and once you reach the southern end, everyone will dismount so the guides can turn the Rail-Bikes around for the return trip.  At this point you have a few minutes break to walk around and stretch your legs.  After everyone has reached the end and all the Rail-Bikes have been turned around, everyone will return to the Rail-Bikes and your return trip begins the same way.  After returning to the starting point, all riders will dismount and proceed across the street as the guides push the rail-bikes across the road.  Riders will get back on an depart in the same manner for the northern leg of the trip, following the same procedure when they reach the northern end.

How long does it take?  

Each tour takes about 2 hours from start to finish.  During this time you get a short safety & operational briefing, two short breaks in the middle as we turn the Rail-Bikes around for your return trip.  Total distance pedaled is about 6.4 miles.

Can anyone participate in this activity?  

Absolutely!  People of all ages and abilities are able to perform this activity.  Plus keep in mind if you have someone in your group who can't pedal, they can just sit and enjoy the ride while others on the Rail-Bike do the pedaling.  Also note, our Rail-Bikes are not handicap accessible.

Are children allowed?

Yes, children are allowed to ride, but must be occupied by at least one rider 16 years or older who can operate the brakes. 

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, there is a 300 lb weight limit for each seat.

Are there any trains on the track?

Our section of track is officially abandoned from the main rail line and has no chance of any trains being on the track.

If there is bad weather?

We will run our tours rain or shine unless the conditions are going to be dangerous.  Decisions to cancel a tour due to dangerous conditions will be made by our tour guides as soon as possible and notifications will be sent to your contact information given at time of booking.  Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly and it is possible to have a tour canceled even if you have already arrived.  If we have to cancel a tour due to dangerous weather, a full refund will be given and you can re-book for another time.

What is our cancellation policy?

You may cancel your booking anytime up to 48 hours prior to your tour departure for a full refund.  Tours cancelled for ANY REASON within 48 hours of departure are NOT REFUNDABLE.  You must call in person to cancel your reservation.

What if I have to reschedule?

Rescheduling is permitted up to 48 hours prior to departure with no fee.  Rescheduling up to 24 hours of departure will require a 20% re-booking fee.  Rescheduling within 24 hours prior to departure is not allowed.  All rescheduling must be done via phone.  Tours can only be rescheduled for use during the same operating season!

What if I miss my tour time?

No refunds are given for riders who arrive late and miss their tour start, or who cancel / don't show up on their reservation day.

When is my online payment processed?

Payments are processed at time of booking and you will receive a confirmation email of your booking.  If you don't receive an email within a few hours after booking please email or call us.

How difficult is it?

Rail-Bikes roll quite easily and can be enjoyed by all ages and ability levels.  Our tours are meant to be enjoyed at a nice leisurely pace.  The track has a very slight uphill grade in one direction and a slight downhill grade in the other direction.


Do I need to make reservations?

We do allow walk-ins based on availability only, so your best bet is to book ahead of time to be assured of getting a spot.  We may only have one or two seats with the guides available if we are all booked up for a particular tour.

Do you have a wait list if there are no bookings available for a certain date?

Yes we do have a wait list available.  You need to send an email to with your name, phone number, the dates and times you are interested in and also the size Rail-Bike you want.

What to bring?

Our Rail-Bikes do have a small basket to put a small clothing item, cameras, phones, and water bottles. You should dress appropriately for the weather.  We also recommend closed toe shoes appropriate for pedaling.  Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, bug spray, camera, video camera.  We will have umbrellas available for you to use.  

What not to bring?

Do not bring any drugs, alcohol, drinks in glass containers.  Also there is no smoking or vaping allowed while on the tour. Please leave your pets at home, they are not allowed on the tour and cannot be left in the parking area while you take your tour.

What does it cost?

A single seat with a tour guide costs $40

A two seat Rail-Bike costs $84

A four seat Rail-Bike costs $144

What is your privacy policy for electronic data collected?

We do not store or have access to your credit card data.  We only have access to the contact information you provide us.  We will use this information for contacting you about your booking.  We may also use your email to contact you about future specials unless you have asked us not to contact you.  We will not sell or provide any of your information to anyone.  We use Zaui Software for our tour booking software.

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